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trampoline park
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Trampoline park equipment


STAR FUN Trampoline park CUSTOMIZED 

Trampoline parks originated in the United States and quickly became popular all over the world. With many different items put inside, it can be customized as different locations and different requirements. STAR FUN finished many trampoline park projects in many years. Combined the trampoline park with soft playground, even other items put inside, to create the entertainment centers for different age players from different countries. 

climbing wall in trampoline park
star fun indoor playground

Rock climbing wall or other climbing items, as one of popular items inside of trampoline park. Stationary rock climbing walls and towers are innovative, functional and cost-effective while using the highest quality materials available to offer a thrilling, life-like climbing experience. Both modular and semi-round panel system maximize climbing surface area, while minimizing unnecessary floor space.

trampoline park free jumping

Trampoline Park

The trampoline park is a collection of free trampoline, slam dunk, dodge ball, bubble football area, somersault area, foam pit area, battle beam, rock climbing wall, spider tower, spider wall/sticky wall, parkour, professional trampoline area, ninja course , Russian turntable project, soft playground, devil slide, EPP building blocks, rope course, inflatable bag, maze trampoline, donut slide, zip line project, kick foot, volcanic rock climbing, ocean ball pool, pat music, VR, archery and other games An indoor playground with all items in one. Different items can be arranged put inside as the location deatils.

jumping park
trampoline park items
trampoline park adventure slide
free jumping park
trampoline park
2000sqm trampoline park
2400sqm trampoline park
500sqm trampoline park
trampoline park


star fun indoor playground

With professional team working to make great projects.  Location analysis and proposal provided welcome.

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