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ABOUT STAR FUN playground

Indoor playground and outdoor playground manufacture in Guangzhou, China. We make our efforts to provide good quality and service with our friendly customers all the time.

Founded in 2014, Located in Guangzhou, China, KAIXILE  as a professional and experienced indoor and outdoor playground equipment manufacturer,  STAR FUN as one of brand of KAIXILE,  concentrate on R&D, production, design and provide one stop service and professional project consultant service in indoor playground.

Head factory: Covering an area of 8000sqm, we have different process workshops, showroom and excellent design team. Professional indoor and outdoor playground project working experience over 10 years.

Star fun playground story


Located in Shiqi Town Panyu district, Guangzhou, China, STAR FUN is one of the brand of GUANGZHOU KAIXILE COMPANY,  focus on overseas market. STAR FUN  finished many indoor playground projects around the world . We design different family entertainment centers, provide 300sqm-3000sqm indoor playground management, training and activities operation service. Now there are around 300 brand indoor playground in 23 cities across the countries. Our concept is that combined entertainment with teaching and learning. Let children grow up happiness and enjoy STAR FUN culture all the time.


star fun indoor playground

Our story from 2009 to 2023. More in the future.

From 2009.    
In 2009, Boss founded the factory which manufactured the electronic single items inside of the indoor playground. Making efforts in structure and motor development and research. Provided the electronic single items with indoor playground company.

In  2014.     In 2014, boss decided to found the indoor playground factory in Panyu  district, Guangzhou, and put large efforts to create the indoor playground one stop service solution. China brand founded in 2014.From 2014 to 2019, there are around 300 brand indoor playground in 23 cities across the countries.   

In  2017.    In 2017, boss family founded the outdoor playground and do utmost to provide outdoor equipment and customized outdoor project. Indoor playground and outdoor playground become the two main focus in boss family. Even many locations invested in China market from now on.

In  2019.     In 2019, we enlarged our market further. We finished many projects in other countries by many foreign company. However, we decided to create our own overseas market brand to provide better service and communication with our friendly customers. We looking forward to finishing more and more excellent projects with good service around the world. From design, production, installation and operation instruction, we created our own overseas service team and STAR FUN brand in 2019.

In  2024.      The challenges of COVID around the world caused lots of difficulties from 2019-2022. In these three years, we focus more in management and single items inside of the indoor playground development. Making more good design and thoughts for different locations. In the future, we will pay most efforts to provide more and more good project proposal, equipment and service in more different countries. Hope we can work together in the future from 2024. STAR FUN overseas brand will become better and better.

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Different functional items inside chosen.

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Indoor playground
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We offer one stop service for whole project solution.

 Land/place choice analyse +Budget analyse +

Design +Equipment production

+Shipping +Installation

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